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Out Of Court Disposals

Locations available



Referral process



Drugs/Alcohol/ Violence related

Across the West Mids

Cranstoun & Swanswell - ARVO

For offenders who commit low level violent offences (verbal or physical) when under the influence of alcohol (eg D&D, Public Order, Criminal Damage, Common Assault). Not suitable for dependant drinkers. Addresses drinking habits and how alcohol can lead to aggressive behaviour.

Consists of 1/2 hour initial assessment, then four 1 hour evening sessions over two weeks (two in one day) and an exit assessment (takes place at last session or over phone).

Can be referred as part of Conditional Caution or Community Resolution

Access booking portal at to book initial assessment. Provider will supply subsequent course dates.

Phone: 0121 553 1333



Translators available for non-English speakers. Not suitable for individuals with severe mental health issues or severe learning disabilities. Provider will assess and make alternative referral if unsuitable for course.


Across the West Mids

Aquarius - ADAIS

For offenders who commit low level domestic abuse which is related to or triggered by alcohol. Not suitable for dependent drinkers. Addresses drinking habits and abusive behaviour using motivational interviewing.

For low severity and either standard or medium risk offences against an intimate partner (current or ex) and wider family.

Consists of 1 hour initial assessment, then six 2 hour evening sessions over six weeks and an exit assessment (takes place at last session or over phone).

Wrap around victim support available from the provider.

Can be referred as part of Community Resolution or on a voluntary basis. Victim and offender must consent

Referrals can be made via the booking portal: 

Password: aquarius123

Phone: 0300 4564 299 

Translators available for non-English speakers. Not suitable for individuals with severe mental health issues or severe learning disabilities. Provider will assess and make alternative referral if unsuitable for course.


Across the West Mids

The Hampton Trust - CARA

For offenders who commit low level domestic abuse against intimate partners (current or ex). Proven success in reducing reoffending when run in Hampshire.

Standard to medium risk and low severity.

Consists of two Saturday sessions (10 – 3) which take place 4 – 5 weeks apart.

Can only be referred as part of Community Resolution.

Any English speaking individual must be randomised to check whether can be referred. This can be done here: https://cct.sp.wmpad.local/SitePages/Home.aspx (select ‘CARA Randomiser’). If successful a course can be booked through online calendar accessed through above link.

Phone: 02380 001 061 or 02380 009 898 

Not suitable for individuals with severe mental health issues or severe learning disabilities.

Course can be delivered in the following languages: English, Polish and Punjabi.



Recovery Near You

Substance misuse service


Phone: 01902 444030


Accept voluntary referrals


Cranston IRIS & Swanswell


Phone: 01215 531333


Accept voluntary referrals


The Beacon

Drugs and Alcohol recovery services


Phone: 01922 669840


Accept voluntary referrals


Kik it

Support adults and Young people with substance misuse



Accept voluntary referrals


Citizen Coaching

Anger management course


Phone: 01213 147075


Accept voluntary referrals


Across the West Midlands

Change Birmingham Brief Therapy

Anger Management



Free service if score 8 or above on the GAD-7 (Anxiety) and/or 10 or above on PHQ-9 (Depression)

If do not meet above criteria, £10 donation required.


 NHS Primary Care

Managing Anger and Frustration

TREATMENT/SUPPORT. Eight week course containing a 3 hour session per week. Self help group work around managing anger and frustration.


Phone: 0303 033 9903 



Not available for non-English speakers or individuals with learning disabilities at present.

The referee needs to either reside in Sandwell, be registered to a Sandwell GP or work within the Sandwell area. (Although call to discuss if this does not apply).

Persons need to be 18+ years old.


Change Grow Live

Support with substance misuse


Phone: 02476 010241

Email: MG14 to and CC

Attitudes/Thinking/ Behavior

Across the West Mids

Victim Support - VAC

The Victim Awareness Course is a short rehabilitative course for individuals who have committed low level offences such as theft, criminal damage, public order and minor assault.

The VAC is designed to contribute to a reduction in reoffending by improving attitudes and thinking towards crime. The VAC aims to increase victim empathy by placing the voice of the victim at the heart of the course.

The course covers values around crime, gains and consequences of crime, the impact of crime on victims, responsibility and choice. It helps people understand the impact of their behaviour and allows them to identify alternative choices they can make in the future.

3 hour course

Can only be referred as part of a conditional caution or community resolution.

If you would like more information on the course and how to make a referral please contact your local PIPT:

Perry Barr             

845 6070


831 3299


815 6094

PIPT Duty Mobile   

07393 142164

Suitable for individuals aged 18+

Please also refer to our guidance on the suitability of VAC

£60 (£75 as of Aril 2019) paid in full by attendees to Victim Support, any surplus money is reinvested back into the charity

Across the West Mids

Rise & Victim Support - Consider (Inappropriate sexual behaviours)

To raise awareness of inappropriate sexual behaviours

To give participants an increased awareness of the effects of inappropriate sexual behaviours on others

To help participants identify and manage risky behaviours and recognise warning signs

Single session (3 hr workshop)

For offences such as:

  • Non-DA harassment of a sexual nature (ie cat calling, workplace sexual harassment, unwanted emails etc)
  • Mal comms
  • Sexting
  • Revenge porn
  • Outrage public decency
  • Indecent exposure incl. urinating in public
  • Unwanted touching/groping
  • Inappropriate sexual conversations or behaviour (including via electronic communications)

Follow the Conditional Caution or Community Resolution process, stipulating ‘Consider’ as a requirement (see pre-filled forms)

Email referral form to

We will compile and send register to Drivetech who will contact the offenders, scheduling attendance and securing payment.

We’ll update following breach/completion

Suitable for:

  • Adult males aged 18+
  • Low severity and standard to medium risk
  • No significant prior history of sexual offences
  • First time or early offenders, who do not have an entrenched history of inappropriate behaviour
  • Victim consents

Not suitable for:

  • Harassment of an ex-partner
  • An offence where a level of grooming has taken place
  • Sexual offences involving penetration, force, coercion or rape
  • Stalking behaviours
  • Any offence connected to domestic abuse or intimate partners
  • Vulnerable victims

£85 fee to attend (payable in instalments)

Female Offenders only

West Bromwich and Dudley (only available to Sandwell and Dudley residents)

Sandwell Women’s Aid – New Chance

The New Chance Project can be offered both as an out of court disposal and on a voluntary basis.

New Chance is a specialist project for women in Sandwell and Dudley. New Chance is run by BCWA, a regional charity which supports women with a variety of needs across the Black Country. We are here to support you to overcome difficulties and move forward in your life. It doesn’t matter what your problems are, we are here to help. 

Email to request a referral form. Return referral forms via secure email

Call the New Chance Early Intervention Worker on 0121 553 0090 for any queries.

The New Chance Project can be offered both as an out of court disposal and on a voluntary basis. The project can be offered to any woman who has been arrested and who the police identify as someone who may benefit from support in order to prevent reoffending as long as they are:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Residents of Sandwell or Dudley
  • Suitable for an out of court disposal or agree to receive support on a voluntary basis

The project is funded by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and is free to access.

 Birmingham, Solihull


Women only over 18

To make a referral call: 01214 405296


Also accept voluntary referrals



Across the West Mids


Provision for non-English speaking offenders. These courses will be geared towards employment but also contain some necessary life skills modules


Call: 02476 787978


Call: 01922 657000


Call: 01215 570837


Call: 01213 031649


Call: 01902 558340




Across the West Mids

Fircroft College of Adult Education

Visit the website in order to see what courses are available

Call: 01214 720116

See website for course cost


Job Shop

Support for 16-25 year olds.


Provide the address: 1 Bull Yard, City Centre, Coventry.

Phone: 02476 785740



St Georges Hub

Support with benefits and debt assistance

Call: 01902 420536


Ablewell Advice Services

Support around finance, benefit and debt

Call: 01922 639700

Accept voluntary referrals


Citizens Advice Bureau

Call: 01217 886527

MG14 emailed to

Accept voluntary referrals


Aquarius Gambling

Support with gambling 


Phone: 01216 228181

Mental and Physical Health

Coventry, Birmingham, Dudley & Sandwell


Support with mental health


Call: 02746 229988



Call: 01212 623555


Call: 01384 442938


Call: 01215 658344

Accept voluntary referrals

For residents of Sandwell only



Mental health care services - stress, anger management, low mood, anxiety & depression

Referrals MG14 to

Call: 02476 671090

 Foreign National Offenders





Provide suspect with address: Norton House, Bird Street, Coventry. Follow up checks with the Centre (manager Debbie Moss) on tel: 02476 527115 or 02476 227254