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Organisation: Cranstoun Here4YOUth - Dudley

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Cranstoun Here4YOUth - Dudley

About Dudley Here4YOUth
We empower children and young people to make positive changes for a brighter, safer future. When you work alongside Here4YOUth, you will have access to the following:

· Information and harm reduction advice for alcohol and other drugs Under 18s

· Set goals to make changes if using alcohol and other drugs Under 18s

· Help to stop smoking and vaping aged 16-18 years

· Help you connect to health & wellbeing interventions 11-24 years

· Connect with community groups, hobbies, or activities 11-24 years

· Attend our poor impulse control programme 13-17 years

· Attend ‘Smashed’, our alcohol programme under 18s

· Receive free condoms, chlamydia and pregnancy testing

· Signposting and referral 11-24 years

· Volunteering opportunities including joining our co-production group 11-24 years

You’re welcome to come along during our open access time Wednesdays 3.00pm – 6.30pm where you can meet our friendly team. You can also get in touch via our online referral on Cranstoun’s website. If you would feel more comfortable to meet a member of our team in an environment you are more familiar with, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are focused on you, improving your wellbeing and keeping you healthy, happy and safe.