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Organisation: FREE British Red cross Workshops

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FREE British Red cross Workshops

My name is Kirsty and I am the Community Education Coordinator for the British Red Cross in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. My role is to deliver free humanitarian workshops for groups in this area, which are all supported by a wealth of free, online resources for both adults and young people to access when needed. Our workshops take place at your location and we are able to deliver to groups with up to 35 participants for youth workshops and between 5 and 15 participants for adult workshops.

In the last year, Community Education helped to educate tens of thousands of learners from primary age to pensioners across the UK, in addition to many more through an array of successful digital and face to face educational products. The fully funded workshops prove very popular nationwide and are hugely beneficial to the local community, especially in the face of current challenges brought about by the pandemic, the conflicts around the world and rising cost of living.

Here’s a list of the workshops we have available:

Youth First aid (10-19 years)
Youth Coping with challenges (10-19 years)
Youth Empathy plus Migration (10-19 years)
Adult First aid (over 19 years)
Adult Supporting Connections (over 19 years)
Adult Adapt and Recover (over 19 years)

You can find more in depth information about all of our workshops using the link below:

All these workshops are available over Zoom, Teams and face-to-face locally.

All of our children and youth workshops are for children in year 6 and upwards.

If you would like to book a face-to-face or digital workshop, you can check my availability, find out more and book directly using this link:

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


The British Red Cross designed these free workshops to help you build resilience and vital life skills. We cover a range of wellbeing and humanitarian topics.

What we do

Why choose a workshop?

A workshop can help you with:

  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • coping with changes and managing challenges
  • approaching problems affecting you and your community
  • improving communication and empathy skills

What we’ll provide you

  • trained and experienced British Red Cross educators providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience
  • well-researched and effective approaches to teaching sensitive topics
  • workshops tailored to learning needs such as English as a second language, or mental health worries
  • support from the British Red Cross team

Where we do it


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