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Organisation: Stepway

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STEPWAY is a CIO registered military charity, no: 1186465. We provide the following services to Veterans in civilian life no matter their background or circumstance.

A SENSE OF BELONGING: DROP-IN CENTRES A good place to meet old and new friends. We Provide refreshments throughout the day and offer in-house Counselling sessions if required. We have Mentors on board who will work with veterans to gain their independence and control over their life in civvy life. For more details please visit: to find out where your nearest drop-in centre is.

A SENSE OF PURPOSE: THE 7-STEP CIVILIAN SKILLS PROGRAM A 40-hour course. This program is built around mental health awareness and basic life skills which can lead to many education and employment opportunities. For more information please visit:

THE VETERANS' HUB Is based at the Stepway Wellbeing Centre, Merton close, Oldbury. B68 8NG. open Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 15:00. For more information: or call 0121 7922723

COMMUNITY PROJECTS: We understand the importance to learn and develop knowledge and understanding of the outside space, as it is a much richer context than the indoors. A dynamic space where you can learn about nature, grow your own vegetables or fruits, take part in other outdoor activities, and breathe in the clean air. A feel-good factor that you are engaging in nature and supporting the environment. More info:

Please encourage Veterans who you may feel will benefit from our services to either pop along to the Veterans HUB or call STEPWAY. For further updates, please like our Facebook page: